Talk therapy, as it is widely practised, tends to address our thinking dimension. Although this is very crucial, more often than not, this approach leaves our emotional dimension unaddressed. At Brave Men Counselling, we aim at bringing together body and mind as well as feeling and thinking. Our approach is Emotion-Focused. 

At times, modern day therapy aims to treat "pathologies". Our challenges or difficulties are reduced to finding out "what's wrong with us". At Brave Men Counselling, we create a safe, respectful, and non-judgemental space for what needs to be felt and moved through to create room for what's fresh and new. Our approach is Humanistic and Client-Centered. 

Imagine an approach that works with the personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal - addressing all that we are. Exploring our personal dimension reveals our unique gifts and challenges while interpersonal dimensions reveal our past wounding as well as cultural conditioning. Exploring the religious or spiritual dimension connects us with a sense of meaning and purpose supplying needed inspiration and joy. Our approach is Integral. 

What you might get out of the work: Better coping with stressful situations, better understanding of self and others, better communication/ relationship skills, gradual healing of past wounding in a supportive environment. The work we do can also help those who are struggling with: depression, stress, anger, trauma, reoccurring patterns in their lives, self-worth, and self-love. 

Rates: $100/ hr or $135 for 90 minutes. Skype sessions also available. 

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