Cenk Matalon, mc, rcc


Cenk (pronounced Jenk) is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Masters degree in Counselling. He is passionate about fostering self-actualization in others. Cenk uses a holistic approach that unifies mind, body, and spirit which is rooted in contemporary psychology, clinical practice, and ancient wisdom teachings. 

In his profession, he works with men to identify, name, and address the underlying causes of their problems so they can eradicate their bounds and achieve abundant success in their professional and everyday lives.

One of the easiest maybe the easiest person to talk to I’ve ever met in my life. I am forever grateful.
— Joseph, 39
A very insightful, calm, and welcoming therapist. He never judged, but always remained curious. The material was always brought up in a stimulating way and brought new perspectives to my eyes. 10/10
— Joey, 25
Cenk is a great facilitator. He listens carefully and helps his clients better understand themselves. I would recommend him to anyone.
— Hamid, 34
Great material! Cenk explains in a calm manner, makes everyone’s opinion important. Great knowledge and examples. Very empathic, calming influence!
— Sanjay, 55