Upcoming Course Begins on Wednesday January 23rd 6:30PM

@ Studio Curious 4690 Marine Ave

Limited Space - Registration Required

Men’s Groups for Deep Healing and Growth

Once you complete the course below, you can join these inner work groups that are devoted to healing and growth. These groups will not include intellectual learning, but will be deeply experiential and interactive. If your longing to live and love more fully is becoming stronger than your desire to distract yourself from your suffering, you can get a lot out of this work. During these meetings, you will bring together mind and body, thinking and feeling and begin to experience your emotions in a deeper way. As old pain surfaces, you will have the tools you need to meet it more and more fully and with greater ease. These groups offer a solid, respectful, and compassionate container for deep inner work. You are not alone.

Limited to 8 men. This is not a drop-in group.

The Hero’s Journey Intensive

This course will give you a solid understanding on men’s inner work and what it means to heal and grow as a man in today’s confusing world. Completion of The Hero’s Journey Intensive is required to join a men’s group. We meet once a week for 4 weeks, each time for 2 hours. Although this is an interactive course, you don’t need to share anything personal if you don’t want to.

Investment: $165

To register call Cenk at 778 321 6867 or send an email to cenk@bravemen.ca

Week 1: A Fresh and Bold Vision of Well Being: Bringing Together Mind, Heart, and Guts / Understanding Healthy Anger: Embodying Your Authentic Voice - Healthy Boundaries

Week 2: Seeing Through Shame and Guilt: Accessing True Dignity / Getting to Know the Dragon of Fear: Towards Real Freedom

Week 3: Relationship as Path: Healing and Growth Through Mature Monogamy / True Sexual Freedom: Unburdening Sex

Week 4: Mindfulness - Cultivating Presence: The Practice of Grounded Spaciousness / Befriending Sadness and Grief: The Heart Broken Open - Gratitude and Love

Wednesday january 23rd 6:30PM @ studio curious 4690 Marine Ave

Limited Space - Registration Required

Note: If you have extended health benefits, inner work with a Registered Clinical Counsellor may be covered. Contact your insurance provider.

For questions or registration call Cenk at 778 321 6867

or send an email to cenk@bravemen.ca